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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ContractorLeads.com work?
Homeowners who are considering a home improvement project search the internet and find ContractorLeads.com. On our website, the homeowner completes a short questionnaire on the product or service for which they would like to get estimates. The staff at ContractorLeads.com further gathers information and then gives the project information to up to four contractors who would best fulfill the project requirements. Those professionals contact the homeowner to schedule a meeting for a FREE estimate. After meeting with each contractor, hearing each of their ideas for the project, comparing prices and proposals, the homeowner decides which professional they will contract.

How does a homeowner know the contractors are qualified?
The screening process at ContractorLeads.com is thorough for contractors. We require that our contractors provide us with current license and insurance information. However, as a matter of course, we recommend that each homeowner request to see a hard copy of state and or county licenses as well as their current liability insurance documentation. Normally, company representatives would have these papers with them at meetings for estimates. Requesting references from satisfied customers is also good practice for any homeowner considering an agreement with a contractor.

If this is a FREE service, how does ContractorLeads.com make money?
Our member contractors pay advertising fees as part of their agreement with ContractorLeads.com. Each member tells us what areas they cover and what products or services they offer, and we deliver the customers that fall into these categories. There are never any costs or obligations to the homeowner to receive FREE estimates.

Does ContractorLeads.com sell or manufacture any products?
No, ContractorLeads.com does not. Rather, our purpose is that of a liaison, a means by which supply and demand meet. We are not affiliated in ownership with any of the contractors who are our members. This is why we do not make any recommendations on the contractor a homeowner should choose. We merely make the introductions, and then let you decide.

Where are your contractors located?
We have members almost everywhere within the United States. ContractorLeads.com is a nationwide company that has member contractors in and around nearly every major metropolitan area in the U.S. We do not process any international requests. Many of our members have locations in multiple cities in order to provide services to large areas.

Need More Information?

At ContractorLeads.com, we're here to help. We are proud that our website is easy to navigate and very informative. But if you find that speaking with one of our staff would help, just give us a call!