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At ContractorLeads.com, we have developed a proven system of generating and qualifying leads that guarantee that the sales leads we give you are genuine and ready to buy. Our staff has collective marketing experience that uses innovative thinking with traditional sales approaches to gather these sales prospects.

We begin our process with generating leads through a variety of means:

- Direct Mail Campaigns

- Website traffic / Internet exposure

- Media packages

After the initial capture, our staff devotes its time to personally contacting each leads to verify property ownership, type of service requested and contact information. When this stage is completed, we sort each lead into one of three categories:

- Customers in the information gathering stage,

- Customers shopping around for ideas on future projects

- Customers who are ready to begin their project

This triage system of diagnosing the phase of each customers project is crucial to our success, and to yours. This system allows us to guarantee that each lead we send you is immediate and well-suited for your company. By spending our time in this process, we guarantee that your time is spent working, thereby increasing your companys income.

Here at ContractorLeads.com, we do recognize that the ready-to-purchase customers are not the only customers. We partner with you and also offer you the names of customers in the earlier stages of a project and trust you to recognize the customers that we might have already sent you. This trust engenders a mutual loyalty between yourself and ContractorLeads.com. These practices protect both parties and ensure the future success of both our businesses.

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