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Terms & Conditions

The following Terms of Use for ContractorLeads.com Members are listed below. We recommend that all potential Members review these terms prior to submitting any information for Membership consideration.

User must be at least 18 years old and a business owner or business owner's representative.

ContractorLeads.com is a referral service only and does not represent itself as a contractor, service provider, manufacturer, agent or advisor for any homeowner that requests free estimates.

ContractorLeads.com does not foster or maintain any preferential relationship with any of the Member companies. Our mission is to connect qualified, local professional contractors to homeowners who request estimates for their services.

ContractorLeads.com makes every effort to confirm the legitimacy of the credentials for each of the contractors that are part of our referral network. We also recommend that any homeowner who requests a project estimate with us make those same efforts before contracting with any of our Members.

Homeowners and contractors alike agree that if they enter into an agreement together, ContractorLeads.com will be released and held harmless from any disputes, damages or claims that may develop during the project. In the event of a dispute or other controversy between homeowner and contractor, both parties agree that ContractorLeads.com will have not part in the handling or resolution of said matter.

Member agrees that ContractorLeads.com is a legitimate referral service and agrees to not use this website for any purpose involving fraud, deception, harassment or any other purpose that does not strictly conform to providing estimates for home remodeling projects.

Member agrees and understands that ContractorLeads.com has no control over any of the service professionals or homeowners who participate in our referral service. Although we employ multiple efforts to verify the validity of homeowners and their projects, it is the ultimate responsibility of the Member contractor to confirm all information before entering into a contractual agreement.

All Members agree that ContractorLeads.com is not liable for any damages arising from or relating to the use of our website. ContractorLeads.com will have absolutely no liability for any disputes, damages or legal action that may occur as a result of your relationship with anyone to whom we have referred you.

Member agrees that ContractorLeads.com and its members, affiliates and partners may use your submitted information to contact you regarding homeowners requests for free estimates for their home remodeling project. Member further agrees to keep all contact information current to better facilitate this process.

Member agrees that upon submission of their information to be considered for Membership, they agree to the terms of use as stated above.


Thank you for choosing ContractorLeads.com. We hope our partnership will improve the success of your company.

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